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We're a technology-first agency that curates talent from within the Philippines and matches them with work in the United States. Our current talent pool mainly consists of solo freelancers, boutique design studios, software engineering agencies, coding bootcamp graduates, and virtual assistants.

At Marti, we want to ensure that our service partners and customers are getting the best service possible. To our service partners, we offer a no-frills way for them to scale their services into the US by closing high value, contractual work through our dedicated sales and sourcing team. Internally, we've built out a financial and HR infrastructure that simplifies the busy-work that comes with remote work payments. From foreign exchange, cross-border remittance, and last-mile bank deposits, our service partners just need to focus on delivering their best work. Our customers on the other hand, enjoy globally competitive service rates, and the ability to scale their workforce offshore by outsourcing their recruitment efforts to Marti.

The Marti team works in a relaxed and convenient environment to encourage their focus on the given task. All of our employees work from the comfort of their home or place of choice. We work in shifts during the daytime and nighttime to asynchronously cater to our clients.

We uphold the values of fulfillment and self-management where our members truly believe in our work and take the initiative to improve themselves and skillset to better serve our service partners and customers. We encourage our members to always be transparent, honest with one another, and respect the
confidentiality of their experience with service partners and customers. Most of all, we trust our employees that they will keep the integrity and privacy of our clients' personal information.

Our goal is to provide the people we work with the best possible resources, tools, and environment for self-improvement while being able to achieve high satisfaction from both sides of the marketplace.

Our Open Positions

Sorry, we are not hiring at the moment. We will update this page when there are available positions.

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