Using Airtable To Compile Our Research Notes

Aside from having a great resume and a lot of work experience, understanding your employer is very crucial. Knowing what they do, what their product is, the team that you will be working with, their work environment, etc. because this will help you paint a better picture of what you can expect from them.

At Makisu, it is important for us that we are able to gather all important details about your employer. We encourage strong communication between our virtual assistants and you, the client, so that we can get to know your preferences and what companies your are eyeing on.

Before The Task
Before assigning the task, both the VA and the client must do their part to contribute to good work flow. The client should be able to provide a clear and descriptive list of tasks while VA has the responsibility to review, clarify, and go beyond the expectations of the client; this is why communication plays a very important role when going over a task.

See Playbook: Writing a Task Description

VA's can also provide options for the clients such as their job preferences, company preferences, and samples of what they want to achieve after doing the Job Search task.

Airtable and Your Future Employer
For us to organize these types of tasks for you, we use Airtable for its intuitive design, easy to navigate interface, and more importantly for its spreadsheet-like relational database. Using Airtable can help sort and define each field of every employer with ease. We organize fields similar to our article on How We Use Airtable to Track Resume Submissions but customize it according to a Job Search task. In addition, because of its real-time update and easy collaboration experience, these bases can be quickly shared between the Virtual Assistant and the Client providing both a better sense of relationship.

Aside from the basic company information, possible fields included: Interview Prep, Expected Questions, Portfolio, Topics to Review, etc. We want to make sure that we can help our clients save time in researching for job openings and use the time saved so they can focus on preparing for their dream job interview.

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