Reverse Recruiting: Be Your Headhunter

The traditional way of finding a job on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, JobStreet, where you submit your resume, is not the only way to get hired. As many employers still practice the traditional way of hiring, it is important to keep up with the pace of latest approaches in job recruitment so that you are able to remain competitive. This is where reverse recruiting comes in. But some questions come into mind:

  • What is reverse recruiting?
  • Why would I choose to reverse recruit?
  • How can I benefit from doing this?

The definition is quite simple but the process can take a lot time to do but it is worth doing.

You Are Your Own Headhunter
The title says it all! When you do reverse recruiting, the most common phrase is "you become your own recruiter." You take the responsibility of a recruiting manager; but in this case you find the recruiter. According to Michael H. Paradise, CEO of Sysazzle Inc., the process includes but not limited to the following listed:

  • Phone campaigning
  • Snail Mail
  • In-person drop-bys to prospect employers
  • Managing your online presence and promoting your personal brand
  • Professional affiliations
  • Strategically networking with people who can connect you to the job

These processes highlight the importance of high self knowledge and how well you market yourself for potential employers to find you. Choosing to manage your own online presence like having a personal website, blog, social media networks, professional affiliations must be able to support your overall strategy of how you want employers to find you. Remember to highlight your strongest assets and continuously sell yourself. You can create and develop your own identity to make yourself be found but don't just limit yourself to having good online presence; have the ability to interact and network with people who would want to hire you.

One of the biggest benefit of reverse recruiting is that you are able to connect with other humans. Focus on building rapport with others and having a mindset of being able to provide value to prospective employers. Network with the ones who can connect you to the job and those in the hiring process. Reverse recruitment is the best way for you to take advantage of the available positions because sometimes, even the recruiter does not know the hiring manager is opening a position.

Another great tip: Stay in touch with everyone you interact with; friends, recruiters, prospective and former co-workers, current and former classmates, and everyone else. Who knows, they can connect you to a hiring manager!

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